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  • Background​

Caawiye Online College is a partnership College opened year 2016 and fully accredited by qualified entrepreneurs in Mogadishu, Somalia.

COC offers a wide selection of programs in different fields (English Language, Technology, Architecture Engineering; Business, Multimedia and Medicine) that can promise strong outlook for future employment.

Despite the efforts of establishing many different Online College, the shortage of qualified Students who learn online is still plunging the labor market and also busy worker, disability people and elders need to learn in their place. To help fill the void and address the shortage of qualified Online learning, an entrepreneur Abdifatah established Caawiye Online College, to provide comprehensive courses to the Somali students over the world.

Caawiye Online College has also a place (class attendance) where students are learning English Language, computers and give training to the online students who need further understanding

  • Vision

To build talented, work-ready students, which can make changes in the social condition of the people.

  • Mission

To help Students, busy workers, disability people and elders learn the skills need to achieve their full potential by using the latest technology.

  • Core Value

Integrity: we do the right thing

Commitment: we keep our word

Respect: we value people

Excellence: we give our best

  • Objectives

All programs offered at Caawiye Online College share the following common objectives. These objectives have evolved over time and continually shaped by students, faculty, staff, employers, other constituencies and the ever-changing socioeconomic climate.

  1. 1-To allow students to complete diploma requirements at their own pace.
  • 2-To enable students to   successfully meet coursework requirements without classroom attendance.
  • 3-To develop an individualized program of study for each student.
  • 4-To provide students with the most comprehensive and current information available in their field of study.
  • 5-To utilize evaluation materials which require the student to demonstrate the effective integration of concepts and skills
  • 6-To make available to students all materials necessary to complete their diploma requirements, and to give students access to faculty members who can provide assistance and guidance when necessary.
  • 7-To develop the students understanding of the language and information specific to their discipline.
  • 8-To enable students to effectively integrate concepts and skills across functional areas.
  • 9-To instill in students, the value of life-long learning.
  • 10-To encourage students to take advantage of life-long learning opportunities.
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Caawiye wa machad soo shaqeyneysay ilaa 2016 una taagan caawinta bulshada somaliyed dhanka waxbarashada iyagoo joogan goobtooda waa machadka ugu wayn dhanka waxbarasho ee guriga lagu barto.

Caawiye waxaad kaheleysaa maadooyin gaargaar ah oo certificate leh oo xiligaaban soconaya, kuwo diploma ah oo bilooyin soconaya, kuwo dugsiga sare ah iyo mid jaamacadeedba.

Caawiye waxey sharci kaheysata Wasaarada Waxbarashada Somalia.

Si aan udhigato machadka laxiriir whatsapp +252619979911.

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